Someone deserve your thanks? Show them you mean it: say it with socks!

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Catherine opens her socks after a 12-hour shift in the NHS. Just what she needed!

Catherine opens her socks after a 12-hour shift in the NHS. Just what she needed!

Socks have a disproportionate value for walkers: a good pair is a gift beyond price. Now with #walk1000miles sock partner Bridgedale we're spreading the love!

Nothing is quite as touching as a walker friend turning up on your doorstep with a brand new pair of Bridgedales in your size and a message of thanks – for some good deed, forgotten favour or just in celebration of your friendship. Now thanks to our #walk1000miles sock partner we’re going to make it a reality many times over.

All you have to do is tell us which friend or relation deserves this treat and why.

We’ll pick four a month and if your nomination is one of them, we’ll send both your friend AND you a pair of socks in your respective sizes. All we ask is that you send us a snap of the handover or receipt of the socks so we can share an epidemic of appreciation, and elevate socks to their true significance!

Competition closes 30th March 2019, see the ‘Rules’ tab below for full terms and conditions

What they'll get (and you will too!)

A pair each of Bridgedale Hike Mid Weight Performance Fit socks, designed for all year round use and perfect for your #walk1000miles challenge.


Merino Performance Fusion Technology provides resilient padding, balanced insulation, moisture wicking and outstanding durability for all day comfort. The Flat Toe Seam minimises irritation-causing bulk in the toe box and the sock is kept securely in place with an Elasticated Arch and 3D-shaped heel cup.

£18 in shops: your favourite pair of socks!

What's an example of someone to thank?

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Sara (on the the right) wanted to say a big thanks to Fiona (on the left):

"After only walking from car door to front door for years Fiona [below left] helped me discover the joy of walking. I’ve seen places I never knew existed or could have ever believed were enjoyable to explore. She had faith in me and has pushed me beyond limits I thought were impossible, keeping me going when my legs were saying no! Thank you Fiona for helping me discover the joy of walking. You're a fabulous woman!"

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Ellie Jeanes wanted to thank her dad Eddie: 

"My dad is a massive influence on me. He loves being outdoors and has always made this fun and taught me than being in the countryside is the best form of therapy I could have! He has always exercised every day and struggled with this somewhat over the last year as he was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. We have always walked together and for me this has been a great way of bonding with him.

"Thank you dad for always being encouraging and making me confident that if I try hard enough I can do anything."