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I spent a very happy day last week walking, talking and taking photos with a small group of 1000-milers – Jana, Tanya, David, Kevin Johnson, Stacey, Arran and Norman. We were trying out cameras from #walk1000miles photography partner Fujifilm, and the sun shone obligingly, highlighting beauty to capture on scales large and small.

It’s amazing how much more you see when you’re actively on the lookout for photo opportunities. But it's one of the things it’s impossible to capture on film that really stuck out for me. Here we were, strangers all, yet happy and at ease in one another’s company, perfectly content with our small adventure (we added a scant four miles to our respective totals) and our small talk. It was as if we shared a common understanding, and propensity to be pleased with whatever opportunities for pleasure days throw up. Which of course we really did! Because walking’s good like that isn’t it? At melting trivial barriers and ripening the world around you into a perpetual harvest of beauty and interest. No wonder walkers are such a placid, friendly ready-to-say-hello bunch!

Guy, editor, Country Walking, home of #walk1000miles

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