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Not the type to walk 1000 miles? What if we told there IS no type?

Not the type to walk 1000 miles? What if we told there IS no type?


Deep joy this month as #walk1000miles 2019 roared into life – the challenge scaling new heights and the main Facebook community alone swelling beyond 30,000 for the first time.

When it picked up an award last year our challenge was described as ‘a powerful force for good’ and I love to hear #walk1000miles described that way. Really of course, as we all know, walking itself is the powerful thing. But I suppose just as while it’s water that sustains life, it’s what you add to it that really stimulates thirst. And what #walk1000miles has added is a community, a joy in common cause, a safety-net in times of trouble and a sort of endlessly fizzy friend who’s full of ideas and chat and encouragement and kindness; a favourable weather-front made up of folk united by – and often only by – the observation that life gets better when you walk more. You’ve only got to turn to the pages of the new #walk1000miles launch supplement (free with the new issue) to see how different we all are and how brilliant that it – how typically untypical walkers are in 2019. Join the challenge now if you haven’t already (it’s always 12 months long from the day you start) and experience the incredible difference walking towards this wonderful target makes, and the realisation that everywhere you go there are likely more people who feel more like you than you ever dreamed before!

Guy Procter, editor, Country Walking, home of #walk1000miles

PS - don’t forget, if you can’t find the magazine in store (it sells out fast) you get the launch supplement and a printable version of the progress charts in the digital edition.

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