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Snaps from the happy gang!

Snaps from the happy gang!

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Last week I went to the Lake District for the first time in ages.

(We stopped en route to perform a Very Important Ceremony in Lancashire, which you can see in the second of the videos below!). After that happy task we arrived – in need of a stretch and feeling rather sick of the radio – at the top of the Kirkstone Pass in mid-afternoon. Starting from here is like taking a big bound on a trampoline – and the summit of Red Screes is a quick 45 minutes away. A brilliant viewpoint, rocky, tarny and with an aerial atmosphere emphasised by the occasional passing RAF Hawk (scything the valley from which you’ve just emerged) I don’t know of anywhere that takes you so quickly and completely out of the world of cars, cares and weekday concerns and into the atmosphere of the high mountains. I was in raptures. Once again – as I am daily – I felt so grateful to walking, that magical thing which turns the everyday into fine wine; and the special – like this afternoon in the Lakes – into sheer nectar. If you want the biggest draught possible, get a hold of the brand new issue of Country Walking – a sumptuous celebration of the Three Peaks (National and Yorkshire), our new 500-mile challenge and our biggest boot review and footcare guide ever!

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