Video appeal: You could change someone's life in 5 minutes today. Will you try?

If you’ve enjoyed taking part in #walk1000miles this year, think how much more brilliant it would be to give someone else the nudge they need to take on the challenge that changes lives one step at a time. Someone who might otherwise have thought ‘I could never do that’ or ‘It’s not for the likes of me’ or ‘That sounds like a lot of hard work and what’s the point?’ or even worse ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not worth it’ or ‘It won’t work’.

Imagine if that person were a friend and you could only reach them by recording honest answers to three simple questions on your smartphone. Would you do it?

Don’t underestimate the difference YOUR video could make. Don’t think ‘I’m sure other people will do it, and do it better’. It’s real voices from real people speaking heartfelt words even when every fibre is telling them to curl up in a ball of embarrassment that’s the most powerful stuff.

Those questions again: 1) What made you want to do #walk1000miles? 2) What difference has it made? 3) What three words would you use to sum up the challenge?

Use the hashtag #my1000miles when you post your video in the Facebook group.

If you’d prefer, you can email me your video instead. It’s easiest to send it via Wetransfer (click ‘Take me to free’). You don’t need an account or to register. My email is

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‘I’ve never liked being centre of attention but I’m really glad I did a video’

“I’ve never liked being centre of attention and I really dislike the sound of my own voice. I always get flustered when asked questions in groups and I’d never recorded myself. I decided to do the video on a whim. I was beginning to really enjoy my walking and the #walk1000miles community was so friendly and welcoming, I was out walking in the morning and suddenly got some confidence from somewhere. So I found a secluded spot and just went for it. I didn’t dare watch it back as I knew I wouldn’t send it in! But I wanted to convey how much this challenge, the community and their stories, encouragement and kindness had helped me with my new found, wonderful hobby. I’m really glad I made the video and feel it was such an achievement” – Ann Grundy, 3x completer and formerly shy mouse!

Here’s the result of last year’s video appeal