Your monthly digest – Top 10 posts you might have missed

In a group of over 30,000 people you’re bound to miss the odd gem, but we’d hate for you to miss these! Click the pics to see the posts.

10 Jimmy’s back! And he’s got a message for all of us

9 Paul’s perfect day

8 Sally’s new walking buddy!

7 The biggest badger meet is returning in 2020!

6 Barry’s ‘overwhelmed’ by his new calendars, but there’s a few pics he thinks we should have included…

5 Almost 80, just hit 1000, not stopping any time soon!

4 ‘I’ve tried on at least three occasions to see this barn own, but failed. Persistence pays off!’

3 ‘What my daughter said to me then will stay with me forever’

2 ‘On Wednesday, I did something really big (for me at least). I didn't think I would be capable of doing it, but my goodness, I felt awesome afterwards!’

1 Oh Ann, you cracked us up with this one!